Well I went to schoolWanna disco? Wanna see me disco?in Olympiaaaa and everyone's the same
Let me hear you depoliticize my rhymeWhat do you do with a revolution?
You're so policy-freeDon't you please make me real
I take you homeFuck, you make me sick
Now watch me get you hot
Fuck, you make me real
You sound just like a parrot
Fuck you

I'M NOT FUCKING EASY i was born in the pipes of a mini-golf course i was born in a white rat's eye i was born in a root canal

FUCK is my favorite word

"fuck" is versatile, has many meanings. "fuck" is how i feel when i climax. "fuck" is how i feel when i hate stupid dumb bitches and i fart and your dumb face. "Fuck!" this ice cream is good. Fuck is allows for the multiplicity of meaning and identity and other cool shit i don't know the words for. fuck gives up on grammar and syntax. fuck is a perverse alien dyke with an asshole that birthed the universe. FUCK, much like myself, was born out of the pus in an above-average zit and oozed so satisfyingly out.

Imagine a world in which Kathleen Hanna and Courtney Love didn't hate each other's guts. Imagine Courtney's roar alongside Katherine's screech. I bet people would write rpf about them. I hate that shit, but I might read it in a world in which Kathleen Hanna and Courtney Love didn't hate each other's guts. If Kathleen didn't say some stupid shit. If Courtney Love didn't throw an unprovoked punch. Or whatever happened. Kathleen might tuck a loose strand of Courtney's bleached hair behind her ear. Dark red lipstick might get everywhere. Around Courtney's mouth. On Kathleen's neck. On Kathleen's thighs. Red dribbling down with saliva. Vampiric punky corporate sex between two women (or something) who did not hate each other. Or maybe they do, and in this universe "hate" just means "desire."

my education is the spikes that grow out of my thighs and caress you. my alma mater is the slime
that makes you blush and the pustules that make you scream. my tentacles
aren't allowed in public but you can't get enough of them
in bed because they transport us
to another plane where you and i spend our days in pleasure
not pain. In this new plane pleasure is the only way forward.
In our current plane pleasure is the only disruption.